Atsuko joined Katari Taiko in 1992. She saw the Japanese taiko group Kodo perform for the first time in 1984, but never envisioned herself playing taiko. However, after she saw Katari Taiko perform at the Powell Street Festival in 1990, it made her think, “I want to do that!” She loves taiko because in addition to using your ears and eyes, you feel taiko with your whole body and soul. Her favourite piece to perform is Mountain Moving Day, but she also enjoys performing mask parts in various pieces because she can make the part her own. Atsuko owns a store that sells manga (Japanese comics and graphic novels) and anime-related items. In addition, she does film and television extra work, and some translation. She loves dragons and other mythical creatures.


Beth joined KT in 2011. She has been studying music since age 7, and worked as a music educator and music therapist for nearly 20 years. For Beth, taiko is a perfect blend of music, athleticism and community. In addition to playing taiko, guitar and other assorted instruments, Beth works as a Community Health Liaison for Vancouver Coastal Health, researches the effects of music on pain, and will soon be a doctoral student at the University of British Columbia. She is looking forward to future opportunities to play taiko with her kid, who is a member of Chibi Taiko.


Eri joined Katari Taiko in 2008, but she is no newcomer to taiko, having performed for several years with Vancouver’s youth taiko group, Chibi Taiko.


Jill joined Katari Taiko in 2011. She fell in love with taiko as a teenager, and was hooked after having the opportunity to practice with several different groups while she worked as a teacher and farmed rice in the Tokyo area from 2002-04.


Kamil’s interest in taiko began when he saw a performance by Vancouver’s Uzume Taiko while in high school. A year spent working in Japan reignited that interest and led him to attend a number of Katari Taiko’s workshops when he returned to Canada. Kamil became a full member of the group in 2011.

Apart from being a member of Katari Taiko Kamil is also a producer of electronic music and plays a variety of instruments including guitar, keyboard and drum kit.



My interest and enthusiasm for taiko stems from an amazing and tantalizing performance I watched by Tao, a tradition Japanese drumming and dance troupe.  Their artistry, magic and energy lifted heart and soul.  Tao’s performance provided all the inspiration I needed.  I can still see, hear and feel that performance today. I will continue to be a student of taiko for the rest of my life.



Nomie joined Katari Taiko in 2008. She was initially drawn to taiko because of a desire to stay connected to her Japanese heritage, after returning from Japan on the JET Programme in 2007.  She hopes to drum as well as animal from the muppets one day.